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4 Ways Roofing Systems Benefit From Underlayment

by | Nov 8, 2022 | 0 comments

4 Ways Roofing Systems Benefit From Underlayment

Your roof is composed of different layers that work together to protect your home from harsh weather elements. One of its integral yet unnoticed layers is the water-resistant material called the underlayment. This layer is placed directly on a roof deck underneath other roofing materials and keeps your home and decking safe from leaks and wind damage. 

4 Ways Roofing Systems Benefit From Underlayment

In this post, reliable roofing contractor Polar Bear Exterior Solutions enumerates four benefits that roofs get from a quality underlayment.

1. Weather Protection

Your roofing shingles are your home’s first line of defense against wind, UV rays and water damage. However, shingles can be vulnerable to blow-offs and water infiltration due to varying reasons. In case of shingle damage, your underlayment will protect your roof decking and interior from leaks until your roofing shingles are repaired or replaced.

2. Water Resistance

Water from melted ice or snow can enter through openings in the roof, causing leaks, mold growth and rot. Fortunately, these issues can be prevented by your underlayment, which seals around the frame and ensures the water drains off the roof. If you notice any water-related issues on your roof, call an experienced roofer right away to perform an inspection and address the problem accordingly.

3. Fire Safety

There are different types of underlayment that are designed to withstand fire and can help your roof meet a Class A fire rating. When choosing an underlayment material for your home, it’s recommended to use one that meets industry standards, functions well with the shingles you have, and complies with fire safety and building codes.

4. Uniform Look for Your Shingles

Roofing underlayment doesn’t only act as a barrier against weather elements but also gives your roof a more polished look. A synthetic underlayment can help prevent uneven areas from showing through your shingles. 

Every roof should have a durable underlayment to stay protected from the elements. At Polar Bear Exterior Solutions, we provide top-notch roofing, siding installation and other home improvement services all year round. Schedule a consultation by calling us at (425) 290-5579 or completing our online form. We serve clients in the Greater Puget Sound and nearby areas.