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Why Do Roofs Fail?

by | Jan 18, 2023 | 0 comments

Replacing a roof can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. But when done correctly by a roofer in Mukilteo or Seattle, it is worth the effort as you will have a secure roof over your head for years to come. Before embarking on this task, it’s important to understand why roofs fail to avoid similar issues in the future. Here are some of the most common reasons for roof failure that should be considered before beginning exterior replacement work in areas like Mukilteo and Seattle, WA.

Why Do Roofs Fail?

Age and Lack of Maintenance or Care

One of the most common reasons for roof failure is age and lack of maintenance. Over time, roofs can become damaged due to exposure to the elements. Furthermore, any small issues with your roof should be addressed immediately before they become larger problems that may require extensive repair or replacement work. 

Weather Extremes 

Weather extremes, such as heat, cold, snow and ice, can also contribute to roof failure. If your roof is not designed to handle extreme temperatures or conditions, then it may not be able to adequately protect the interior of your home from outside elements. Therefore, when hiring a roofing contractor in Seattle or Mukilteo to get a roof replacement, it’s important to consider the local climate and choose a material that is suitable for withstanding any weather extremes in the area. 

Improper Construction Techniques

Improper construction techniques can also lead to roof failure. It’s crucial to ensure that all materials and components used in the installation of your new roof are of good quality and properly installed by a professional contractor. If not, then this could potentially lead to problems such as leaks or structural damage down the line. 

Poor Ventilation

Another possible cause of roof failure is poor ventilation. If your home does not have adequate ventilation, then this can lead to excess heat and moisture buildup within the attic space, which in turn can cause structural damage to your roof over time. For any roof repair or replacement work in places like Seattle and Mukilteo, WA, it is a must to include proper installation of venting systems so that air is able to properly circulate throughout the attic area. 

Malfunctioning Gutters

Malfunctioning gutters can also cause roof failure. If your gutters are not properly installed or are in need of repair, then this could lead to water buildup and potential leaks. Therefore, it’s essential to inspect your gutters before beginning exterior replacement work so that any issues can be addressed accordingly. 

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