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Understanding Replacement Window Warranties

by | Jan 14, 2022 | 0 comments

Understanding Replacement Window Warranties

Whether it’s for your roofing or your windows, you’ll have to ensure they are covered by a manufacturer or the contractor who will install them for you when purchasing new systems and features for your home. This allows you to be assured that should anything happen, you’ll get the protection you need. As these arrangements can sometimes be complex and confusing, we will list a few of the window replacement warranty elements you can familiarize yourself with.

The Elements of Window Warranties

  • Lifetime warranties. Simonton Windows and Doors are covered by a Lifetime Warranty including accidental glass breakage. For full details go to

  • Coverage.  It is important to note that there are many, many different types of warranties in the industry. This means it is essential to ask your roofer or window installer about the individual window aspects protected under your warranty:

    • Glass Breakage warranties: Some manufacturers include a glass breakage warranty and will replace the broken unit during the warranty period when covered. If the window materials themselves become damaged, they are usually covered under warranty. 

    • Insulated Glass. The installed and insulated glass unit is warranted against permanent and material obstruction of vision from film formation caused by dust or moisture in the air space during the warranty period. This warranty period is often double-lifetime. If such defects occur, the Manufacturer will replace the insulating glass unit at no charge to the warranty holder. Restrictions do apply so carefully check your individual warranty. 

  • Transferability. As mentioned, warranties vary in features and coverages. A window warranty is often transferable once to a subsequent homeowner. Be sure to follow all warranty transfer directions within the specified time to ensure the warranty transfers smoothly. 

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