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Do I Have to Wait Until the Rain Stops to Replace My Roof?

by | Jan 10, 2019 | 0 comments

Do I Have to Wait Until the Rain Stops to Replace My Roof?

Short answer, NO!

Polar Bear is born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and if we couldn’t work in the nasty weather, we wouldn’t be working much. Our roofing install crews work full-time, year-round in whatever kind of crazy weather gets thrown at us.

Sometimes if the rain is too much, we cant perform some stuff, like replacing sheet or applying membrane roofs, but just about anything else doesn’t really phase us. The project sometimes might not go as quick depending on how harsh the conditions, but our crews prepare plan their jobs around that.

Although it seems like not the best time to replace your roof, if you are in the market for one, winter is actually the best time to do it. Manufacturers often raise their prices in Spring and Summer cause those are the “busy” times. Doing your roof in the winter, allows customers to take advantage of off-season pricing. We can also get you on the schedule a lot sooner too, which is convenient for making plans .

Get a head of the game and save some money. Call us for roof estimate anytime and take advantage of the offseason!