The Best Ways to Use Windows for Daylighting Your Home Interior

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September 28, 2020

Daylighting is an architectural concept in which natural light is harnessed to brighten the interior of the building. It also takes into consideration interior features such as reflective surfaces, the orientation of your home’s openings—windows, doors and skylights—relative to the sun, and the size of openings themselves. Its primary purpose is to improve visual comfort while reducing the use of artificial lighting throughout the day.

The Best Ways to Use Windows for Daylighting Your Home Interior

Local window and siding contractor Polar Bear Exterior Solutions shares some of the best daylighting tips involving windows.

Arrange Your Home’s Interior

Make sure you give your home interior an upgrade so you can further maximize sunlight entering through your windows. Open floor plans, as well as furniture placement, help avoid the entry of natural light. Using mirrors and painting your walls with a glossy finish also allows light to bounce throughout the whole space without the glare.

Invest in High-Quality Windows

Choosing the right replacement window units is key to your home’s efficient daylighting needs. Consider glazing that lets adequate amounts of sunlight while preventing heat transfer and reducing glare. Insulated glazing units have low-emissivity (low-E) glass coatings that can do just that. Trust Polar Bear for windows equipped with these innovations.

Redirect Natural Light

The glare coming from your windows is enough for many homeowners to cover them with blinds or curtains, eliminating the benefits of natural light. One way to combat this problem is to divide the window by function, with the upper glazing letting sunlight in while the lower one providing outdoor views. The upper part can be fitted with an element that will reflect sunlight to the ceiling. The lower one, meanwhile, can be fitted with manual or automatic shades or blinds for daylighting control.

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