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Help! I Cant Stop Moss and Algae From Growing on My Roof!

by | Apr 11, 2018

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This is a common problem in the NW- our cool, wet climate, combined with an abundance of shade-creating trees is the perfect environment for moss and algae to flourish. This can drive homeowners crazy as it not only looks gross, it also leads to quicker deterioration of the roof. There are many gimmicks out there that promise to prevent moss and algae growth, but none of those seem to be effective. Most people have to resort to constant maintenance and application of a chemicals- not fun!

Fortunately, Polar Bear offers roofing that is MANUFACTURED to inhibit the growth of moss and algae. A WeatherSafe installation of one of the CertainTeed shingles by Polar Bear comes with up to a 15 year warranty against algae streaking…and is also been shown to fight the growth of moss on your roof. CertainTeed’s patented technology utilizes layers of ceramics and metallics on the granules that their shingles are made from that dont allow a pH environment for algae to survive. When the algae can’t survive, there is less build of debris and nutrients for moss to establish. The only maintenance we recommend is blowing the leaves and needles off your roof a couple times a year.

If your interested in learning about our products are painstakingly-selected and installed to survive the Pacific NW, give us a call today and we can explain how and why everything we do is a LIFETIME SOLUTION.