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Green Home Improvement Projects

by | Nov 29, 2017

Green Home Improvement Projects

A lot of times folks ask us what we offer in terms of “green” or environmentally-friendly options to help solve their window, roofing, siding and decking needs. This is definitely something that is important to our company and we understand how more and more customers are looking for something more responsible for the ecosystem when they undertake a home improvement project. We all want to leave the planet a better place than we found it, but sometimes the conventional wisdom isn’t really achieving that goal.

Most often people think of recycled or more natural products as being better for the environment…and that is true to an extent. However, there are a lot of other resources and energy that goes into a home improvement beyond just choosing a window or decking board made from recycled plastic. And unfortunately what we often find is that many of these recycled products just do not hold up and last as long…so they inevitably just end up back in a landfill, along with the rest of the products used on the project, much sooner than they should.

Our company policy is to ONLY OFFER LIFETIME SOLUTIONS. This isn’t just because it gives our customers the best value and lowest cost of ownership, it also means that when your project is done right the first time and built to last, we are not wasting the resources involved with doing the project over and over as we often see with cheaper products. And many times, manufacturers and contractors use recycled raw materials because only they are cheaper…and with some clever marketing they are able to convince their customers that its a good thing they do that. We disagree!

Polar Bear offers energy-efficient windows made from virgin (non-recycled) vinyl, that hold up so well they come with a double-lifetime warranty, which means even the next person who owns your home has a lifetime warranty on their windows! Our wood windows are made from sustainably-grown sugar and ponderosa pine and wrapped with an exterior aluminum cladding that gives them that protection against the elements to last a lifetime.

Of course everyone knows our patented WeatherSafe Roof is the only roof designed to meet or exceed manufacturers warranty requirements, even if you live right on the water on the west side of Whidbey Island and your house is subjected to winter storms ripping across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Our 50 year non-prorated warranty covers tear-off/disposal, materials, labor and workmanship; so your roof will be still be going strong when your neighbors have already replaced theirs 2 or 3 times during that span. Talk about preserving our natural resources while saving money!

We only offer James Hardie siding because it comes with a 30 year guarantee and will save you 2 or 3 painting cycles with a beautiful factory finish available in dozens or artistically-curated colors. There literally is no other siding option you should consider if you live in the NW, because James Hardie fiber cement siding is the only material engineered to last in our wet climate. Take a look at the the sample piece we have soaking in water for almost 4 years. Just make sure you call us to have it installed by us…as JH Elite Preferred installers you get the confidence knowing that our crews have been educated and certified to install correctly.

Decking presents an equally challenging problem in Western Washington- and no one likes the yearly ritual of stripping, sanding and sealing that having a wood deck means. Many of the composite options out there look great and are low-maintenance for a few years, but they don’t last long because they are made of a mix of wood and plastic (that’s why they are a “composite”). We only install Azek 100% PVC decking. Made of the same material as sprinkler pipes that you bury in the ground. Azek is available in a variety of colors and comes with a 25 year fade and stain guarantee. All of our outdoor living spaces are built to exceed code, and as a Platinum Contractor for Azek, you get the confidence knowing you will never have any issues with your project or warranty should they arise. Azek also offers a really great patio paver system made from recycled rubber tires. They look great and feel awesome on bare feet- all with an unbeatable warranty!

There are a lot of things to consider when doing your project and we all want to be good stewards of our environment. So get the best of both worlds…choose a LIFETIME SOLUTION- it will be best for the environment and also save you money in the long run on the cost of ownership. With Polar Bear you will get that, along with energy savings, increased resale value, a more beautiful home and year-round comfort. Call us today at 877.948.2327 and we can help you get started with your next economically and ecologically smart home improvement project!