Top 3 Window Styles for Your Kitchen

Top 3 Window Styles for Your Kitchen

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September 13, 2022

Windows play an integral role in home design. But they’re especially important in the kitchen, the space generally considered the “heart of the home.” If you’re having new kitchen windows installed, make sure to choose styles that can make the space more functional and attractive. Polar Bear Exterior Solutions, a premier window replacement company, has a few suggestions: 

Top 3 Window Styles for Your Kitchen

1. Casement Windows

This window style has many things going for it. Casement windows come with a neat and elegant design that can add a timeless look to your kitchen space. They come hinged at the sides, allowing you to swing their sashes outward and create a wide opening that lets in fresh, cooling breezes. To better maximize the natural ventilation these windows provide, you can angle their sashes at about 45 degrees. Having casement windows installed in the kitchen is incredibly useful because they let you get rid of excess moisture and food smells that may otherwise linger inside the room.

2. Picture Windows

The best part about picture windows is that they create a stronger connection between your kitchen and outdoor living space. This gives the illusion of a single huge room, allowing for a more open and spacious vibe. Picture windows also promote better daylighting thanks to their thinner framing and more expansive glass. Just keep in mind that these windows are fixed, meaning you can’t open them to let in air. But you can easily go around this by combining them with operable casement windows. A central picture window flanked on both sides by casements is a classic design choice.

3. Sliding Windows

You’ll love having sliding windows in your kitchen. For starters, they help save space, and their smooth and effortless operation can aid those who have difficulty with fine motor skills. Like picture windows, they come with slim frames and a larger glass area for optimizing views and natural light. But the bonus is that you can also open sliding windows to keep your kitchen airy and fresh.

Polar Bear Exterior Solutions offers these window styles and more. We are certified by top window manufacturers like Pella® and Ply Gem® Simonton®, allowing you access to quality replacement kitchen windows that are designed for improved aesthetics, superior durability and energy-saving performance. Our choices are available in many styles and options. We’ll be more than happy to help you explore your options and decide on the ones that best suit your needs.

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