Torchdown Roof Replacement for Flat Roofs

Torchdown Roof Replacement From Polar Bear Energy Solutions

Durable, long-lasting & energy efficient
Best options for homeowners with flat roofs
Self-adhesive system eliminates need for torch

PolyGlass is a leader in manufacturing high quality membranes providing homeowners the best option for their flat roof replacement. Using state of the art facilities and processes, homeowners get a solution that looks great and lasts longer than the competition.

Some lesser quality torchdown products have some disadvantages; they require open flames and harsh chemicals to apply, and then they start to fail, especially around the seams. PolyGlass has resolved that by creating ADESO, a proprietary self-adhesive system that elimantes the need to “torch” the roof down. To reinforce the vulnerable areas around the seams, they created the FastLap and SealLap systems to protect and strengthen the weatherability where the roof replacements begins, ends and overlaps. Their patented Multiple Surfacing Solutions (MSS) allow homeowners a variety of styles and surfaces that not only look great, but are durable, long lasting and energy-efficient.

If you’re looking for a torchdown roof replacement in Seattle or Western Washington, we can offer you the best solution.