Why Summer is a Great Time to do Your Windows



Help! I Cant Stop Moss and Algae From Growing on My Roof!

This is a common problem in the NW- our cool, wet climate, combined with an abundance of shade-creating trees is the perfect environment for moss and algae to flourish. This can drive homeowners crazy as it not only looks gross, it also leads to quicker deterioration of the roof. There are many gimmicks out there that promise to prevent moss

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Roofing Alternatives

A lot of homeowners are looking for a roof that will standout more than just a basic shingle, without spending an arm and a leg on a slate or tile roof…or doing a shake roof that wont last long. Our focus at Polar Bear is on lifetime solutions, and of course value. A quality roof that will last and give

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Green Home Improvement Projects

A lot of times folks ask us what we offer in terms of “green” or environmentally-friendly options to help solve their window, roofing, siding and decking needs. This is definitely something that is important to our company and we understand how more and more customers are looking for something more responsible for the ecosystem when they undertake a home improvement

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Getting Your Roofing Replaced Now- Hurricanes are Causing Imminent Price Increases

We know winter is coming, and if this extreme weather this summer is any indicator of what we have ahead in the coming months, its important to make sure your roof is sound.  Rain, wind and cold can do a lot of damage to our homes, and a good solid roof is where it all starts. With all of the

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Not All “Composite” Decks Are the Same!

For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, we know how rough the elements are on the exteriors of our homes. Decking is one of those things that can really take a toll from the 8-9 months of constant rain we seem to get. We all know wood is a poor choice if you want something that will look good

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The Warm Weather is Here…Get Started on Your Exterior Remodeling Work with Polar Bear!



Can Windows Keep Me Cooler in the Summer?

Yes. Energy-efficient windows are designed to insulate and prevent and prevent heat transfer between the inside and outside. The glass in our windows are treated with zinc and silver oxides during the cooling process. This application is known a low-emissivity coating (Low-E) and it reflects longer wave radiant energy (heat). So while in the wintertime it bounces the heat back inside

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